$1K/month from 1 eBook with a small audience (plus: how to launch an eBook in 8 days)

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  • The top 8 reasons to publish a book in the current economy (plus 5 additional reasons to make it an eBook)
  • Details on how I made $1,000/month from an eBook (that I hadn't even written yet) when I had a very small online audience
  • 10 real-life examples of niche eBooks (such as: an eBook about converting a large van to a decked out, beautiful, off-grid home)
  • A downloadable list of 1500+ eBook ideas in 100+ niches for you to take and run with
  • A handy checklist (and details) on how to launch your own eBook in 8 days
  • Ideas for promoting your book, even if you don't have an online audience yet

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with your host

Regina Anaejionu

March 3, 2021
2:00pm Eastern Time

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