$1K/month from 1 eBook with a small audience (plus: how to launch an eBook in 8 days)

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    Regina Anaejionu

    Founder of Publish Your Thing

    Regina here.

    I’m the author of the bestselling content planner, Epic Blog (over 10,000 copies sold), and the founder of Publish Your Thing, an online website and community for authors, bloggers, podcasters, and other driven content creators and experts; we help you publish and profit from your intellectual property.

    I’ve had the honor of being interviewed by Fast Company and SmarterCX by Oracle, and speaking at conferences for companies like Black Enterprise and Teachable. In this masterclass and case study, we’re going through the 23 steps of brainstorming and launching your own eBook as well as a case study on how I earned $1K/month in profit from 1 eBook, when I had a small online audience.

    Here is what you'll leave with by the end of the case study and masterclass:

    • The top 8 reasons to publish an eBook in the current economy
    • Details on how I made $1,000/month from 1 eBook (that I hadn't even written yet) when I had a very small online audience
    • 10+ real-life examples of niche eBooks (such as: an eBook about converting a large van to a decked out, beautiful, off-grid home)
    • A downloadable list of 1500+ eBook ideas in 100+ niches for you to take and run with
    • A handy checklist (and details) on how to launch your own eBook in 8 days
    • 5 ideas for promoting your eBook, even if you don't have an online audience yet